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BA, Drama

University of Washington (UW) - Seattle, WA


Special topics: Suzuki training, Viewpoints, Shakespeare, monologue study, scene study, Alexander technique, drama history, stage management, child drama, character/physical theater, business of acting

Instructors: Robyn Hunt, Steve Pearson, Shanga Parker, Valerie Curtis-Newton, Cathy Madden, KJ Sanchez, Odai Johnson, Jane Ryan, Mark Weil, Adam Noble


Actor Combatant

Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD)


Unarmed - recommended pass (2011); Geoffrey Alm (instructor), Brian Byrnes (adjudicator)

Rapier and dagger - recommended pass (2015); Robert Macdougall (instructor), Geoffrey Alm (adjudicator)

Broadsword - basic pass (2014); H. Russ Brown (instructor), David Boushey (adjudicator)

Single sword - basic pass (2012); Geoffrey Alm (instructor), Jenny Jones (adjudicator)

Sword and Shield - basic pass (2013); Geoffrey Alm (instructor), David Woolley (adjudicator)

Smallsword - basic pass (2016); Robert Macdougall (instructor), Geoffrey Alm (adjudicator)

Quarterstaff - recommended pass (2018); Geoffrey Alm (instructor), Brian Byrnes (adjudicator)


Accademia dell'Arte - Arezzo, Italy


Special topics: physical theater, commedia dell'arte, greek mask, contemporary mask, ensemble performance, Roy Hart-based vocal technique, clown, mask making, classical singing, modern dance, Italian language

Instructors: Marcello Bartoli, Giuseppe Emiliani, Carlos Garcia Estevez, Kevin Crawford, Bryan Burroughs, Claudia Schnurer, Lino Spadaro, Hajo Schuler, Giorgio Rossi, Katrien Van Beurden, Torbjorn Alstrom, Stefano Locati, Alessandro Vallin


Winter Wonderland Workshop - St. Charles, IL


Special topics: film fighting, whip cracking, acting with guns, single sword, shaolin staff, rapier and cloak, found weapons

Instructors: David Boushey, Richard Ryan, Dale Girard, Jason Tipsword, Michael Chin, Ian Rose, H. Russ Brown, Martin Noyes, Martin Boersma


Pacific Performance Project - Seattle, WA

2005, 2006 (summer intensives)

Special topics: Suzuki training, Viewpoints, slow tempo technique, modern dance

Instructors: Steve Pearson, Robyn Hunt, Peter Kyle


Seattle Children's Theatre Drama School - Seattle, WA


Special topics: scene study, Shakespeare, stage combat, voice and dialect, improv, movement & deaf theater, period drama

Instructors: Shana Bestock, Geoffrey Alm, Alban Dennis, Don Flemming, Gordon Carpenter, Illene Fins, Jeff Hogan, Billy Seago, Kate Myre



Additional Training & Classes


  • Alba Method - Nancy Loitz

  • The Art of the Audition - Margaret Layne & Victor Pappas (Seattle Actors Workshop)

  • Suzuki/Viewpoints technique - Marya Sea Kaminski & Michael Place (Seaplace Studios)

  • Shakespeare - Amy Thone (Freehold Theater)

  • Voiceover - Susanna Burney (Freehold Theater)

  • Voice lessons (7 years) - Catherine Treadgold

  • Trapeze - Melissa Noble

  • Dance for musical theater - Megan Becker (American Dance Institute)

  • Modern dance - Kelsey Hamon (American Dance Institute)

  • Ballet (7 years) - Pacific Northwest Ballet School

  • Classical guitar (4 years) - Robert Vierschilling


Training & Certifications

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