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Alyssa Kay

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 118 lbs

Hair: dark blonde, long

Eyes: blue


The Secret and Impossible League of the Noosphere (Ada Lovelace)

Meghan Arnette / Live Girls! Theater

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol (Becky)

Scott Nolte / Taproot Theatre Company

Disco Pigs (Runt)

Gianni Truzzi / Sound Theatre Company

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Hermia)

Ken Michels / GreenStage

Henry VIII (Anne Boleyn)

Teresa Thuman / GreenStage

My Antonia (Yulka, Tiny)

Susanna Burney / Book-It Repertory Theatre

Stop Kiss (Sarah)

Anna Crandall / Eclectic Theater Company


Film & Television

JourneyQuest 3 (lead)

Christian Doyle / Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Dark Dungeons (lead)

L. Gabriel Gonda / Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Dead Drift (lead)

Ken Carlson / Pandimensional

Let It Go (lead)

Nathan Bean

Penny Palabras (supporting)

Ken Carlson / Pandimensional

The Condition (supporting)

Chasen Partsch / Vossler Media Group

Shadowed (supporting)

Joey Johnson

Attacking the Darkness (featured)

Christian Doyle / Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Beach Town (featured)

Erik Hammen / Groton Bridge Films

Love and War (featured)

L. Gabriel Gonda

Kingmaker (featured)

Mike McCowan / Group B FIlms


BA, Drama - University of Washington (2005)

Accademia dell'Arte

Pacific Performance Project

American Dance Institute

Pacific NW Ballet School


Amy Thone - Shakespeare

Nancy Loitz - Alba method

Susanna Burney - voice-over

Geoffry Alm - stage combat

Catherine Treadgold - singing



Special Skills

SAFD Actor Combatant:

   unarmed  (w/ recommendation)

   rapier and dagger  (w/ recommendation)


   single sword

​   sword and shield


   quarterstaff (w/ recommendation)


   British (various)


   American Sout​hern (various)

Dance - ballet, jazz, modern

Singing (soprano) - classical, jazz, musical theater

Languages - Italian, some Japanese

Archery - recurve and compound

Scuba diver

Yoga, Pilates, and Gyrotonics

Basic classical guitar

Stage Combat

Commercial & Industrial

For resume of stage combat and fight choreography experience, click here.

Hilton "Future of Hospitality" (lead)

PilotLab - Mason Nicoll

Microsoft Internet of Things Promo (lead)

Brad Huskinson - Touch Worldwide

American Express Case Study (lead)

Hush Studios

MSNBC Promo (lead)

Digital Kitchen

Nursing Education Video (principal)

Ascend Learning

BerryBreeze Infomercial (principal)

Cesari Direct

Microsoft TechEd (principal)

Dan Brown - Run Studios

Seattle Children's Home PSA (principal)

Ad Two Productions

Seattle Public Library PSA (featured)

John Helde - Try This Films


Microsoft Build (lead)

Microsoft/Lustre Studios

Washington Energy Services (lead)

Clatter & Din

Planned Parenthood (lead)

Clatter & Din

Horizon Lines Training Videos (lead)

L. Gabriel Gonda

AT&T Spec Piece (lead)

Dos Rios

Microsoft/Pyramide (principal)

Microsoft Production Studios

The Tempest (principal)

Sound Audio Solutions

Fantastikids (principal)

Impact Assemblies

Museum of History & Industry (featured)

Weatherhead, Inc.


"Alive" (lead)

Kiliii Yuyan - Kiliii Fish Photography

Night Zero: Episode Six (principal)

Anthony Van Winkle

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