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Dead Drift episodes now available!

The webseries I shot a few years back with some lovely new friends down in Olympia is finally ready to air! This entire webseries was created on a microbudget and shot in a garage, but the quality of the sets and the effects they've created really blew me away. In it I play a smart-alecky holographic interface for the ship's computer named H.A.N.N.A.H. who must constantly come to the rescue of the series' intrepid but bumbling protagonists.

The series in being released in weekly mini-episodes for your bite-sized viewing pleasure. I highly recommend heading to You Tube to watch the episodes in order, but if you'd like just a little sample, this episode (ep. 4: Call Me HANNAH) is the first that my character appears in. Subscribe to the YouTube channel or like the series on Facebook to catch all the latest episodes.

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