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Thought Experiments on the Question of Being Human, Oct. 12 - 14

It's been a busy summer, but I'm excited to announce several new projects on the horizon. First up is a staged reading at the Pacific Science Center, hosted by the Infinity Box Theatre Project. Their innovative Thought Experiments project examines the question: What does it mean to be human? Conversations between playwrights and scientists in a given field lead to a festival of original short plays examining how current developments in that field may impact how we answer the question. Each performance includes an audience conversation about the issues raised in the plays, kicked off by one of the scientists. This year’s theme is “Living in Multiple Realities”.

I will be performing a short play written by Darian Lindle (the phenomenal author of The Secret and Impossible League of the Noosphere), who has been paired up with Max Di Luca, Ph.D., a researcher who uses psychophysical experiments and computational modeling to understand how human perception works. If you love science, theater, and mind-blowing conversation on the nature of human existence, this one’s for you!

The Details When: Oct. 12-14 (Fri/Sat at 7:30pm + Sunday afternoon, time TBD) Where: Pacific Science Center, 200 Second Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109 Price: Fri/Sat - pay-what-you-can, Sun - included with PSC admission Purchase tickets: Click here

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