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Two Screenings at the Local Sightings Film Festival

I'm excited to share that I have not one but two different film projects showing at the Local Sightings Film Festival this fall! If you're not familiar with the festival, put on by Seattle's own Northwest Film Forum, I highly recommend checking out the entire lineup; there are a host of great locally-made films and web series being featured over more than a week, many of which involved the work of some very talented friends of mine. Here are the deets on the two projects I appear in:

Attacking the Darkness

Saturday, Sept. 24, 9:15pm

Those who have seen Dark Dungeons may recognize the setting for this feature-length mocumentary, as we filmed this project on the same set and at the same time. Were we crazy? Probably. Come see what happens when filmmakers, role-playing games, and Christian fundamentalism collide in this satirical comedy; check out the trailer, or click here for tickets.

The Noise Made By People

Friday, Sept. 30, 9:15pm

We shot this short film back in June and this will be its premier screening as part of the "New Discoveries" selection of local shorts. It's a story of a young woman dealing with the after-effects of trauma and struggling to regain a sense of normalcy. I feel very privileged to have had the chance to work on this lovely piece with a powerful message - click here for tickets.

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