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When Love Speaks, Feb. 9 - 25

A sizzling hot verse play by David Wright, adapted from poems by William Shakespeare, Chris Marlowe, Ben Jonson, Queen Elizabeth I, and many others. Four people meet at a resort at the edge of the world. They fall in and out of love, woo and argue . . . all while speaking some of the best (and some of the worst!) love poetry ever written. A perfect Valentine's Day treat!

This enchanting play is a unique adaptation of classical love poetry into a sweet story full of delightful infatuation, reversals of fortune, and most of all a celebration of love and language. I'm very excited to be part of this intimate cast, full of talented artists who are also close friends of mine, and getting to dig into some wonderfully rich and poetic text. I hope you'll join us - this should be the perfect play to warm those dreary winter blues.

When: February 9 - 25 (dates and times vary, see calendar)

Where: Isaac Studio Theater at Taproot Theater, 212 N 85th St, Seattle WA

Tickets: click here

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