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JourneyQuest Season 3 now available on YouTube!

At long last! The wait is finally over! Season 3 of JourneyQuest is finally available on YouTube, Amazon Prime, and through Zombie Orpheus Entertainment . If you're unfamiliar with the show, I highly recommend going back to watch the first two seasons; each episode is around 10 minutes, so each season is about the length of a short feature film. Season 3 is being released one episode at a time on YouTube with new episodes arriving every Tuesday. Stick around to the end of each episode for outtakes and Q&As with the cast and creative team!

For a little backstory: I was fortunate enough to join the cast of JourneyQuest when one of the lead actors (the very talented Anne Kennedy Brady) was unable to return for season 3, and have since had the time of my life playing with these folks and getting to know their super-dedicated fans. I know the creators are hard at work writing seasons 4 and 5, so if you like the show and want to see it continue consider subscribing to the YouTube channel or liking ZOE on Facebook to hear about upcoming crowdfunding campaigns.

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